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Vivian Garner


My face warmers were created because of my personal experiences riding in very cold weather. I lost my scarf on a Toy Run when it was 19 degrees, sitting still. My friend handed me a neoprene skull mask, and although I wasn’t going to be picky under the circumstances, I did take issue with the ice that was forming on the inside of the face mask. I later found a ladies style face mask which was ridiculously expensive and too thick to zip up my coat.

Creating a Comfortable, Feminine Mask
At this point I was on a mission. I went in search of the perfect fabric and made one of my own that was soft, luxurious, adjustable, windproof, warm, and could be used without having to take it off when I stopped. Soon my friends were asking for one, then strangers, and thus Chic Rider Designs was born.

Additional Accessories
I started making accessories in 2009 because I could not find what I needed or wanted that realistically worked well in a true riding environment. I wanted accessories that do their intended job well, but look feminine at the same time, adding a touch of class.

I am passionate about riding and know that it is important to have the proper apparel on the road, so all products are road-tested by me personally.

Ride safe ladies, shiny side up and rubber side down. ☺